Letter from Luzerne County Children and Youth
April 6, 2011

Re: Fighting Childhood Hunger with Healthy Meals
Dear Mr. Tevet,
         I would like to commend you on your pilot program. I personally think that this is a wonderful thing you are doing for the community. Your insight into this program is wonderful and I would like to make you aware that the families we are working with have reported to my staff that the meals have lessened the burden on the parent(s), the meals are delicious, and that your generous contribution has impacted the families in a positive manner. My team has also received positive feedback from school personnel stating the children over the past few weeks appear more happy and attentive in the classroom. I hope that your program is a success and has the means to grow.
                                                                                          Joseph Kloss
                                                                                          Supervisor, LCCYS School-based program